Little Red Riding Hood went with Grandma to the beach


Little Red Riding Hood went to the beach with her Grandma. She said to her Grandma “its so sunny and what’s that I can hear, some howling? It smells like salt at the beach.”
There was a red flag warning everybody not to go in the water when Little Red Riding Hood said “I’m going into the water.” She ran in and splashed her feet. Little Red Riding Hood went in deeper. She said “I’m drowning.” She shouted “help, help.” A lifeguard saw her and rescued her. Finally she was safe.
She had left her cloak in the water. She asked the lifeguard to get it back. Little Red Riding was so happy and so was everybody else.

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  1. Story Republic

    It’s wonderful to think about Little Red Riding Hood on different adventures. Being in Cornwall it certainly makes sense to go to the beach. Thank you.

    Aug 03, 2017 @ 2:12 pm