the quest


Beams of sunlight gleamed through my enormous windows, I launched myself out of bed and ran to my oak closet and grasped my best clothes, I looked in my massive mirror and attempted to comb down my wild brown hair, today was the day me and 5 other princes would have to prove ourselves to the beautiful princess . My father who is the king knows what we have to do but he hasn’t told me, my father always used to ask me “do you ever think of the future?” I would never know what to reply but now I do, today was the day I had to start thinking of the future…

I walked up the gleaming floor with excitement flowing through my body, my metal armour made small noises as I walked , the humongous doors opened and 5 princes strolled in with their muscles bulging, I started to panic would we have to fight each other? I would defiantly lose…. We stood shoulder to shoulder for what felt like hours , but this time the doors swung open and there stood my father and the princess, we all murmured to each other , admiring her graceful looks, the king handed us a rolled up ancient map which looked like a bird’s eye view of an island.
The king stood there studying us, all of a sudden he started talking “this map that I have given you is where you will have to go, there are is 1 item at each place you have to go, first you have to go to the treasure island were you have to find the golden chest which is full of gold, then you have to go through the lost woods, you will be lucky if you get out alive! But you have to get the head of the slingther snake its venom could kill you within seconds! Next you would have to collect the light bulb from the lifeless light house it has birds that will attempt to eat you alive and the lethal lake is full of snakes, alligators, sharks and electric eels, were you have to collect the special plant from the far side of the lake”
I started to panic that meant that I had to fight them to get the objects!
The king dismissed all 5 of the princes but made me stay “father! You can’t expect me to fight them! Have you seen their muscles?!” I said panicky
“I’m sorry son I didn’t choose it, look you can have my sword, this has been passed down the generation for centuries, take care of it will you?” he said in honour I nodded speechless, that sword was my father’s prize possession I ran to my room and packed whatever I might need.
A gun fired sounding the saying the start of the battle, without a hint of hesitation I ran, feeling the blood pump around my body at speeds I never thought were real, I finally reached treasure island, I drew out my sword ready to kill anything in my path, I felt a piercing pain in my back, I darted around to find a whitish rotten teethed pirate grinning at me I lifted my sword and stabbed him in his stomach. I jumped up onto the ship but felt two hands grab my ankles, one of the princes, I kicked him in the face with my knee and scrambled back onto the deck, I opened the hatch with my trembling arms I clambered down and brushed cobwebs out of my way, in the dusty grey corner was a dull chest in a hurry I opened the chest and stuffed every single coin into my backpack and climbed back up the ladder onto the deck. In the distance were the princes running towards me, I jumped off the deck and sprinted towards the lost woods.
I raced through the long wavy grass until a sturdy branch tripped me over, I put my hand against my head and winced, I got up realising everyone is chasing after me. I climbed up an old oak tree with a stone in my hand, all 5 of the princes came to a standstill I threw the stone as far as I could making sure they would notice it, they raced towards the thud once they were out of sight I started to climb back down trying to be as quite as possible. I jumped down the last foot or so but landed on something soft I looked down to see the slingther snake curled up underneath me I crept toward it but just as I was going to cut its head off I heard someone clear their throat, I shot around to see a prince smirking , I felt a piercing at the back of my leg it was spreading up my leg I looked round to see an arrow in my leg I heard 5 single screams and found the prince lying on the floor with an arrow in his head, I immediately ran towards the entrance and pushed through the bushes and fell onto the white silky sand I pulled the water out of my bag and poured it over my leg, I winced in agony , I could see the massive castle . “I can make it, I can make it, I can make it!”
I limped as fast as I could and ran across the wooden draw bridge but got stopped by the guards I said “I’m the kings son, let me in” he bluntly replied “No you are not, prove it!” I drew out my sword my dad had given me they stood there in shock and immediately let me in.
I collapsed on the concrete stairs which to the castle, my father raced towa