Once Upon a Mars Match


Once upon a time I saw an amazing football match, with the Six-Leggers against Two-Leggers. It was hosted in a massive crater, on Mars.
I know what you’re thinking : how on Earth did we get up on Mars ? Well, I flew in a rocket. It was all part of a mission (but that’s another chit-chat of how I got there). Let’s talk about the match.
Honestly, there wasn’t that much of a difference between the final scores (though the Six-Leggers won anyway – I mean, they had had an advantage what with six legs and all). The score ended up 9:10. Although I don’t think it was a fair play, because the Two-Leggers had to link arms with two more of their mates just to kick the ball and also to keep their balance. It’s also hard to run with only two legs – anyway, that’s what I think.
Well what happened, was that the Six-Leggers to their best players no fewer than ten times! And scored a goal each time. Not much team work there! But the Two-Leggers on the other hand, stuck together as a team and made sure that no-one was left out.
They may not have won, but the Two-Leggers got the best applause!

By Jazmine Willetts, Aged 9
St Stephens Community Academy, Launceston