The Story Republicans are a team of talented, bright, engaging performers who will create pop up performances at events and festivals.

Managed by Kernow Education Arts Partnership as part of The Story Republic, they will perform on the street, in bandstands, on ferries and in fields, in galleries and cafes…

On behalf of Golowan, thank you so much for your performances in Morrab Gardens on Sunday.  I heard so much positive feedback about you that I’m sure you would have been blushing had you known!   “Entrancing”, “delightful”, “a revelation” “skilled”, “professional”, were just some of them. Festival organiser

The Story Republicans have a repertoire of songs, poems and very short stories which are performed in 10-15 minute slots before they move on to other spaces. Some of their repertoire is familiar, other is newly commissioned. This year it all falls under the theme of ‘Trading Tales’.

In addition we can offer the Story Republic caravan which can be parked up in fields, town squares or parks where small groups can be entertained with longer stories and poems in an other- worldly atmosphere by performers from Rogue Theatre.

For more info including costs and technical requirements please download this document. You can also contact Amanda Harris